Forestry Mulching

Did you know forestry mulching
is by far the most eco-friendly way to clear your land?
We use a specific piece of equipment designed to turn trees and vegetation into nutrient rich mulch that's absorbed back into the ground. This piece of equipment has a low impact on the soil with only 5 pounds per square inch compaction rating.

There is no burning of material putting large amounts of carbon back into the atmosphere. We are not stripping every last bit of topsoil on a particular piece of ground and our mulch provides a layer of protection when it comes to preventing damages of erosion!

Lake/Pond Dam Maintenance

One area that's mostly overlooked are lake and pond dams. They are typically let go because most people don't have the equipment to run on steep terrain. Trees and vegetation thrive on these areas and are the leading cause to dam failure. As a tree's canopy grows, so does it's roots as they are constantly looking for water. The roots move through the soil, burrowing their way breaking down the soil and causing it to from cavities. As soon as they reach the water, the water uses the said cavities to form leaks and now we into much larger issues!

NEVER let any type of vegetation to grow on your dams! Another cause to leaks in a dam is from animals. They love to burrow into the wet soil and build their homes, we always recommend eliminating those threats as well!

Road/Field Encroachment

One thing that's always inevitable when you own property, trees and vegetation will always continue to grow searching for sunlight. Where is the best place to find sunlight...you guessed it, where there are no trees!

When roads, fields, and trails are cut into a wooded area, it opens up areas that the existing vegetation want to grow towards. We use our mulchers to push back the new growth so you won't have to worry about scratching your paint while driving down your driveway!

Right Of Way Clearing

A right of way or ROW for short is an area cut into a property that allows utility companies access to place utilities on the said property. Have you recently purchased a new block of land? Are you looking to build a house or barn?

If you answered yes, then most likely your need an electrical ROW to allow the power company to put poles up and run electricity. We use our equipment to cut in the 40ft swath most power companies require to run electricity. We can also help by cutting in where your septic tank and leach lines will run!

Brush Pile Clearing

Before forestry mulching became so popular, the conventional ways of clearing was taking a dozer and start pushing everything into big brush piles!

They were unsightly and harbor unwanted animals. With our machines, we are able to leave you a nice park like setting where your surveyor and eventually builder can build your dream home!

Field Reclamation

Has your property been let go through the years? Do you have fields that are beyond what your brush hog can handle? Allow us the opportunity to come in and help you out! We use our forestry mulchers to eliminate the invasive species that have taken over like honeysuckle, red cedar, Russian olive, Calvary pear, and locust trees.

Once this vegetation is removed, it allows sunlight to reach to dirt and the dormant seeds will then germinate to regrow your pastures just like in this picture above!

Equestrian Properties

At No Limits Land Management, we provide a diverse range of professional services and specialized expertise tailored for equestrian facilities. Whether it's designing stables and arenas or crafting private drives, our team has supported clients in realizing their perfect equestrian properties.

For many years, we've been involved in stakeouts, site locations, and engineering structures for both public and private horse farms. From constructing stables and arenas to designing private drives, we've helped clients achieve their dream equestrian properties. At No Limits Land Management, our team consists of committed and dependable professionals with extensive experience in equestrian property management.

Site Clearing & Home Lots

Many construction sites and properties require preparation before building structures due to debris and vegetation. These obstacles must be removed in order to build a safe foundation and structure.

Site clearing serves as the construction equivalent of priming a surface before painting, enhancing the overall output. Without proper site clearing, teams face challenges working on uneven terrain with obstructive debris, impeding the establishment of solid foundations and hindering project goals.


Clear the Way for Your Future Projects with Professional Demolition Services

Is an old building hindering your property plans? Whether it's a shed, house, mobile home, or garage, our expert demolition team is ready to help you clear the way!

Comprehensive Demolition Services from Start to Finish:

Septic Tank Handling: We identify and fill in your septic tank as per county regulations.

Step-by-Step Inspections: We coordinate with the county for all necessary inspections at each stage of the process.

Complete Demolition: We efficiently demolish your buildings, including concrete and driveway removal.

Debris Removal: We haul away all materials, leaving your site clean and ready for the next phase.

Final County Inspection: We ensure all work meets county standards and pass the final inspection.

Why Choose Us?

Fully Insured: We provide full insurance coverage for all our projects, ensuring your peace of mind.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: With multiple machines and our own dumpsters, we handle jobs of all sizes with ease.

Hassle-Free Permits: We manage all county permit paperwork and inspections, taking the stress off your shoulders.

Quick Scheduling: Get on our schedule as early as mid-July!

Client Testimonial: "Josh demolished our old mobile home and several outbuildings so the property could be listed. He navigated the St. Charles County red tape and roadblocks without missing a beat. The job was done very professionally, and the end result was excellent. We would not hesitate to use him again in the future." - Neal K., Google Review

Contact Us for Your FREE Estimate: Call or text No Limits Land Management at 636-262-1970 today! Let us help you clear the way for your future projects with professional and reliable demolition services.

Long Term Benefits of Our Services:

  • Creates Accessible, Useful Land from what once was Unusable

  • Removes Invasive Species

  • Prevents Erosion

  • Clears way for Septic or Electrical Lines

  • Supplies Nutrients to Remaining Plants and Trees

  • Root Systems Remain Intact

  • Reduces Runoff

  • Prevents Wildfires

  • Restores Wildlife Habitats

  • Organic Matter Mulching Builds Fresh Topsoil


  • Creates Accessible, Useful Land from what once was Unusable

  • Removes Invasive Species

  • Prevents Erosion

  • Clears way for Septic or Electrical Lines

  • Supplies Nutrients to Remaining Plants and Trees

  • Root Systems Remain Intact

  • Reduces Runoff

  • Prevents Wildfires

  • Restores Wildlife Habitats

  • Organic Matter Mulching Builds Fresh Topsoil


Why Choose No Limits?

No Limits Land Management provides Eco-Friendly solutions that increase the property value and accessibility of your land. With 14 years of experience, our team delivers professional, timely services, communicating and assisting you every step of the way.



Although we are based in Missouri, No Limits offers services to Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois residents and businesses. Give us a call at (636) 262-1970 to learn more and schedule your services, wherever you need them.


We currently offer the following services:

  • Forestry Mulching

  • Lake/Pond Dam Maintenance

  • Road/Field Encroachment

  • Right of Way Clearing

  • Brush Pile Clearing

  • Field Reclamation

For photo examples and full details for each service, visit our SERVICES page here!


To find an estimate of services for your specific needs, call (636) 262-1970 or fill out the form here to get in touch with a professional team member who will walk you through the entire process, start to finish.


Chris P.

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"Josh has done multiple jobs both for my business, and for people I recommended him to- always done a great job!"

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Josh M.

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"Top notch work from start to finish! Josh goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy . . . I would highly recommend them for any of your tree work or land management needs!"

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Dave D.

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"Josh and his big rig did a fantastic job of clearing 3 1/2 acres, allowing us to keep the trees we wanted and take out all the smaller tree and underbrush. It truly looks amazing!"

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